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CHM210H Chemistry of Environmental Change

TitleCHM210H Chemistry of Environmental Change
Schedule2 lectures
1 tutorials
TopicsThis course will examine the fundamental chemical processes of the Earth's natural environment, and changes induced by human activity. Topics relate to the atmosphere: urban air pollution, stratospheric ozone depletion, acid rain; the hydrosphere: water resources and pollution, wastewater analysis; biogeochemistry and inorganic metals in the environment.
BackgroundExclusions: ENV235Y
Pre-requisites: CHM135H/CHM139H/CHM151Y, (MAT135H, MAT136H)/MAT137Y/MAT157Y
  1. Baird and Cann, ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMISTRY, 5th ed, Freeman
LecturerJonathan Abbatt, Rm: LM 324, Ph: 416-946-7358
Course OutlineCHM210H1 - OUTLINE - Fall 2017.pdf
Last Updated2018-03-13 15:55:42

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