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CHM222H Introduction to Physical Chemistry

TitleCHM222H Introduction to Physical Chemistry
Schedule2 lectures
1 tutorials
TopicsThis course provides an introduction to the physical principles which explain and predict the behaviour of atoms and molecules. Topics include introductory thermodynamics; chemical equilibrium; chemical kinetics; introductory quantum mechanics and spectroscopy. Lectures will be designed to teach the mathematics used in the course.
BackgroundExclusions: CHM220H1, CHM225Y1, CHMB20H3, CHM221H5, JCP221H5
Pre-requisites: CHM(135H/139H, 136H/138H)/151Y with a minimum grade of 63%; MAT(135H, 136H)/137Y/157Y; PHY(131H, 132H)/(151H, 152H)
Co-requisites: MAT235Y/237Y
  1. I. Levine, PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY, 6th ed., 2009 McGraw-Hill
LecturerJeremy Schofield, Rm: LM 420E, Ph: 416-978-4376
Course OutlineCHM222H1 - OUTLINE - Fall 2017.pdf
Last Updated2018-03-13 15:56:25

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