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CHM223H Physical Chemistry: The Molecular Viewpoint

TitleCHM223H Physical Chemistry: The Molecular Viewpoint
Schedule2 lectures
1 tutorials
TopicsThis course is intended as a continuation of CHM222H for students wishing to take some additional material in Physical Chemistry. The course covers topics in quantum mechanics and spectroscopy as well as an introduction to reaction kinetics.
BackgroundExclusions: CHM225Y1, CHM221H1, CHMB21H3
Pre-requisites: CHM220H1 with a minimum grade of B, or CHM222H1.
Co-requisites: MAT235Y/237Y recommended, but may be required for pre-requisite in 3rd year Chemistry courses
  1. I. Levine, PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY, 6th ed., 2009 McGraw-Hill
LecturerDvira Segal, Rm: LM 420D, Ph: 416-946-0559
Course OutlineCHM223H1 - OUTLINE - Winter 2018.pdf
Last Updated2018-03-13 15:56:40

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