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CHM249H Organic Chemistry

TitleCHM249H Organic Chemistry
Schedule3 lectures
4 labs
TopicsThis course provides a basic knowledge of the concepts of organic chemistry with an emphasis on the reactivity patterns of various functional groups, the mechanism of chemical reactions and the application of chemical reactions to the synthesis of useful products. The material is directed toward students whose main interest is in chemistry or a chemically related science. Problems will be assigned but not graded. All material presented during lectures could appear on tests or the final exam which will cover the entire course.
BackgroundExclusions: CHM247H1, CHM243H5, CHMB42H3
Pre-requisites: CHM151Y/(135H/139H, 136H/138H) with a minimum grade of 63%.
  1. J. McMurry, ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 9th ed, Brooks/Cole, (plus accompanying Study Guide and Solutions Manual)
Lab FeeThis course charges a lab fee.
LecturerAndrei Yudin, Rm: DB 362, Ph: 416-946-5042
Last Updated2017-07-26 13:51:57

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