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CHM326H Introductory Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy

TitleCHM326H Introductory Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy
Schedule2 lectures
TopicsThis course introduces the postulates of quantum mechanics to develop the fundamental framework of quantum theory. A number of exactly soluble problems are treated in detail as examples. Perturbation theory is introduced in the context of understanding many body problems. Various applications to molecular spectroscopy and dynamics are covered in detail.
BackgroundExclusions: JCP321H5
Pre-requisites: CHM225Y/(CHM220H/222H, 221H/223H), MAT235Y/237Y
  1. I. Levine, QUANTUM CHEMISTRY, 7th ed. Prentice Hall, 2009 (including Solution Manual)
    ISBN 0132090856
  2. McQuarrie's Quantum Chemistry (Rev. 2nd Ed., 2007), from University Science Book
    ISBN 978-1-891389-50-4
LecturerMark Wilson, Rm: LM 241A, Ph: 416-978-2946
Course OutlineCHM326H1 - OUTLINE - Fall 2017.pdf
Last Updated2018-07-09 10:40:12

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