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CHM342H Modern Organic Synthesis

TitleCHM342H Modern Organic Synthesis
Schedule2 lectures
TopicsThis course provides an overview of the key reaction classes as they relate to reactivity, selectivity and utility in the synthesis of organic molecules. We will begin by reviewing key concepts from early courses in organic chemistry, move on to discuss different types of selectivity, retrosynthesis and devote most of our time to learning new reactions that will be used to make increasingly complex natural products and bioactive compounds with medicinally interesting properties.
BackgroundExclusions: CHM345H5
Pre-requisites: CHM247H/249H
  1. Clayden et al., ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, Oxford Press 2004, ISBN 0198503466 (1st or 2nd ed)
LecturerRobert Batey, Rm: DB 365, 151, Ph: 416-978-5059, 416-978-3566
Last Updated2017-07-26 14:28:50

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