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CHM379H Biomolecular Chemistry

TitleCHM379H Biomolecular Chemistry
Schedule2 lectures
4 labs
TopicsThis course provides an opportunity to learn core biological chemistry techniques in a laboratory setting. The progression of the lab material will model a research investigation into the structure/function relationship of an enzyme. Students will work in small teams and have an opportunity to use state-of-the art equipment. Each team will prepare and characterize a different mutant of the same enzyme. At the end of the course, the data from all the mutants will be analyzed and the correlation between the chemical structure and mechanism of action of the enzyme will be discussed. Techniques that will be used include PCR mutagenesis, recombinant protein expression, column chromatography, absorption and fluorescence spectroscopies, mass spectrometry, and computer modeling. The lecture material will provide the theory behind the laboratory experiments, and place the techniques within the context of modern biological chemistry applications.
BackgroundExclusions: BCH370H, BCH371H, CHM371H5
Pre-requisites: (CHM247H/249H with a minimum grade of 63%), CHM347H, BCH210H
Recommended: CHM217H
  1. Voet and Voet, BIOCHEMISTRY, 4th ed, 2011, Wiley
Lab FeeThis course charges a lab fee.
LecturerG. Andrew Woolley, Rm: LM 526, Ph: 416-978-0675
Lab InstructorG. Andrew Woolley, Rm: LM 526, Ph: 416-978-0675
Course OutlineCHM379H1 - OUTLINE - Winter 2018.pdf
Last Updated2018-03-13 16:07:40

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