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CHM414H Biosensors and Chemical Sensors (Graduate Course: CHM 1102F)

TitleCHM414H Biosensors and Chemical Sensors (Graduate Course: CHM 1102F)
Schedule2 lectures
TopicsThis course concerns current research and advances in analytical chemistry. There will be a strong emphasis on the principles of chemical and biological sensor technology, including different transduction mechanisms, device architectures and the necessary theoretical background material. Specific devices include electrochemical, optical (fiber-optic and surface plasmon resonance) and acoustic wave sensors. The use of molecular recognition and the chemical modification of transducer interfaces to achieve chemical selectivity (including biological, biomimetic, polymeric, self-assembled monolayer and synthetic host-guest systems) will be discussed, together with appropriate methods for surface characterization and analysis. Other topics will include flow injection and microfluidics technologies, chemometric techniques, and the so-called "electronic nose".
BackgroundExclusions: CHM414H5
Pre-requisites: CHM217H/220H/222H/225Y
Recommended: CHM317H
  1. There is no specific text for this course. Instead, students will be provided with references to relevant articles and reviews in the primary scientific literature as well as additional material provided during the course. Students having the CHM317H course text are recommended to retain it for background reading. The course includes a tutorial workshop on literature searching and electronic journal databases.
LecturerMichael Thompson, Rm: LM 139, Ph: 416-978-3575
Course OutlineCHM414H1 - OUTLINE - Fall 2017.pdf
Last Updated2018-07-04 10:15:21

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