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CHM426H Polymer Chemistry (Graduate Course: CHM 1300H)

TitleCHM426H Polymer Chemistry (Graduate Course: CHM 1300H)
Schedule2 lectures
1 tutorials
TopicsScope of polymer chemistry. Organic and inorganic polymers. Synthesis and characterization of polymers. Polymers as advanced materials. Polymers in solution: Flory-Huggins theory. Polymers in the solid state: crystalline and amorphous polymers, the effects of the glass transition on polymer properties, mechanical properties of polymer.
BackgroundPre-requisites: CHM220H/222H/225Y, CHM247H/249H
Recommended: CHM325H

  1. P.C. Painter and M.M. Coleman, Essentials of Polymer Science and Engineering, May 2008, ISBN 978-1-932078-75-6
LecturerMitchell Winnik, Rm: LM 520, Ph: 416-978-6495 / fax 416-978-0541
Eugenia Kumacheva, Rm: LM 627, Ph: 416-978-3576
Last Updated2017-07-26 15:00:46

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