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CHM443H Physical Organic Chemistry (Graduate Course: CHM1003H)

TitleCHM443H Physical Organic Chemistry (Graduate Course: CHM1003H)
Schedule2 lectures
TopicsModern physical organic chemistry. Noncovalent binding forces, solutions, and molecular recognition. Electronic structure theory and computational techniques. Reaction mechanisms: experimental probes and reactive intermediates, including carbenes and radicals. Photophysics and photochemistry of organic compounds.
BackgroundPre-requisites: CHM220H/222H/225Y, CHM348H
  1. For Reference: Eric V. Anslyn, Dennis A. Dougherty Modern Physical Organic Chemistry University Science Books
LecturerMark Taylor, Rm: LM 622A, Ph: 416-946-0571
Last Updated2017-07-26 15:14:37

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