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CHM447H Bio-organic Chemistry (Graduate Course: CHM1006H)

TitleCHM447H Bio-organic Chemistry (Graduate Course: CHM1006H)
Schedule2 lectures
TopicsThe purpose of the course is to provide a mechanistic understanding of biochemical reactions in terms of organic chemical knowledge. Thus, this course is intended for students with a strong background in organic chemistry, obtained in our third year courses, CHM347 (organic chemistry of biological compounds) and CHM348 (organic reaction mechanisms) as well as CHM379 or another biochemistry course. Building on this background, the subject matter includes illustrations of biochemical reactions and systems that are addressed in mechanistic terms. The topics are chosen to illustrate a wide range of mechanistic and structural questions and approaches to their solutions: general theories of reactions, stress and strain, covalent intermediates and coenzymes, stereoelectronic control, enantiotopic distinctions and chiral environments, chiral methyl for stereochemical analysis, kinetic principles and survey of bisubstrate kinetics and inhibition, inhibitors, phosphates and nucleases. The course includes midterm and final examinations as well as critical essays on assigned topics that are done independently.
BackgroundPre-requisites: CHM347H, CHM348H
  1. Voet and Voet, BIOCHEMISTRY, 4th ed, 2011, Wiley
LecturerMark Nitz, Rm: DB 459, Ph: 416-946-0640
Last Updated2018-07-04 10:16:59

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