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PMU199H Chiral Drugs and Catalysts

TitlePMU199H Chiral Drugs and Catalysts
Schedule2 lectures
TopicsLife without chirality is unimaginable. From the simplest forms of life to humans we all share the same basic chiral building blocks of life including amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates and nucleic acids (DNA and RNA). Understanding the origin of life would not be complete without understanding homochirality of amino acids in life. This course will start with fundamental concepts of chirality and advance to origin of chirality in life and case studies of chiral drugs and chiral catalysts. Some examples of how chiral drugs and catalysts are prepared and how they work will be discussed.
LecturerJik Chin, Rm: DB 462, Ph: 416-946-7335 / fax 416-978-7113
Last Updated2017-07-26 08:44:13

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