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TBB199H Innovative Teaching Methods in Chemistry

TitleTBB199H Innovative Teaching Methods in Chemistry
Schedule2 lectures
TopicsGood teaching is effective communication that engages the audience. Innovative methods, by definition, are engaging. To ensure that they also communicate effectively, we'll investigate the nature of science, how scientific knowledge is built, and what makes certain concepts in science problematic to the learner. We will then synthesize our understanding to develop communication tools for engaging our learners and communicating scientific ideas effectively. Students will read and discuss relevant articles in newsmagazines, popular science sources, and the educational literature. They will design and deliver mini lessons to communicate specified scientific concepts. As a major course project, students will eventually develop a communication tool that integrates pedagogical know-how with leading edge chemical discoveries to produce an accessible teaching unit that can be used by Ontario teachers.
LecturerCecilia Kutas, Rm: LM 221, Ph: 416-978-8796
Last Updated2017-07-25 15:04:50

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