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Welcome to the Self-Assessment Test

Following are some examples of common concepts in high school chemistry that you should be familiar with:

  1. The names and symbols of the first twenty elements in the periodic table plus a similar number of other common elements and of ions;
  2. The common valences of the above elements and the periodic nature of these valences;
  3. The concepts of the nuclear atom, atomic number, and atomic weight;
  4. Formulae and nomenclature of some simple molecules and ions;
  5. Chemical equations and their use in calculations relating to the reactants;
  6. Calculations involving concentrations of solutions, amounts of material, and the units used;
  7. The concept of "ideal" behaviour in gases;
  8. The concept of acids, bases, and salts;
  9. Use of units, especially SI units;
  10. Mathematical operations appropriate to elementary chemical calculations;
  11. Some simple experimental laboratory techniques.


This self-assessment test is provided to allow you to assess your understanding of a survey of fundamental chemistry concepts from the Ontario high school curriculum that a student enrolling in our first-year chemistry courses should know. It is meant only as an approximate measure of your preparation. Your performance on this self-assessment test may not necessarily reflect upon how you would perform in your first-year chemistry courses.

Before you begin the test, make sure that you have a calculator and a periodic table available for use. Complete all 22 questions. You have 45 minutes to complete all questions. The timer will start when you begin the self-test by clicking the "Next" button. Good luck!