If you are an undergraduate student who needs a tutor, please contact the tutor directly. All requests made directly to ChemClub will not receive a response.

Name and Email Course(s) Experience Hourly Rate
Alex Chesnyuk Organic Chemistry courses (all years) Ph.D, MSc, and BSc in Organic Chemistry and over 10 years of experience teaching university students
Arthur Zastepa CHM 138, 139, 247, 310, 410 Ph.D., B.Sc., 10 years of tutoring and teaching experience including 4 years in the specific chemistry courses.
$35/hr, negotiable (groups welcome)
Avisek Chatterjee Physical chemistry (all years) and organic, inorganic chemistry courses (1st and 2nd year) Ph.D., six years of undergraduate teaching experience (individual and groups) at University of Waterloo in Physical chemistry, MSc (physical chemistry), BSc (Major in chemistry: Physical, Organic and Inorganic)
Calvin Cheng CHM 139, 151, 417, all 1st yr engineering courses, all high school science/math courses Awards: Croft Teaching Assistant Award & UofT Chemistry Teaching Fellowship. 10+ yrs teaching, tutoring, and mentoring. Ph.D. student (Phys Chem), MSc (Bio Phys Chem), BASc (Eng Sci – Biomed). VP at Pueblo Science, a science education non-profit.
$50/hr (individual), $35/person/hr (group)
Chanelle Jumper Analytical and physical CHM; any first/second year CHM courses; first year math or physics MSc, 4 years TAing and private tutoring. Sessions go beyond basic tutoring, also providing expertise and coaching to master your psychology and strategies for success.
Daniel Dalessandro CHM138/139, 247/249 and high school chemistry 1 year of experience TAing, as well as 1 year of private tutoring
$20/hr (negotiable)
Daniel Oblinsky CHM 138/139 2 years of TAing at Brock University and the UofT, 3 years of tutoring 1st and 2nd year courses at McMaster and Brock University in Math, Chemistry, Physics and Biology
$35/hr, $25/person/hr (group)
Eliar Mosaferi CHM 138, 139, 151, 247, 249 Taught the chemistry section of the MCAT for Princeton Review, as well as experience as a private and semi-private tutor
Fatemah Habib General, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry Ph.D in Chemistry, B.Sc. In Biomedical Sciences. TA-ing and private tutoring for 6+ years, all levels and areas of chemistry. Over six years of experience as a lab demonstrator and group discussion leader
Francine Lui CHM138/139, 247/249 and high school chemistry Experience: 6 years of private tutoring and teaching experience in general, inorganic and organic chemistry. PhD in Chemistry from UofT, successfully enabled students in mastering coursework
Ian Mallov CHM 138/139/151 MSc in Chemistry, experience tutoring high school and first-year general and organic chemistry, have also been a help centre TA and and TA’d labs for 3 years
$30/hr, negotiable
Ilya Gourevich first year chemistry courses such as CHM138, CHM139, and CHM151. BSc and M. Eng in Chemical Engineering and MSc in Chemistry
Jay Bassan Any course in organic chemistry. PhD Student in Organic/Biological chemistry. MChem/BSc in Chemistry from Oxford. Private tutor for 3rd year undergraduate during Master’s degree, TA for CHM247 and 136 at UofT.
Jennifer Tran CHM135/136, 151, 220, and all high school science and math courses MSc (Physical Chemistry), Honours BSc. with High Distinction (Chemistry & EEB). 2 years TA experience for CHM135/139, 6 years mentorship and tutoring experience for high school and first-year students (FLC, CHM151 Course Community), 99.9th percentile on MCAT Physical Sciences. Program Coordinator for Pueblo Science, a non-profit charity for science education.
$40/hr, $50/hr off St. George campus, negotiable for groups
Jobette Santos CHM 135/136, 151, and 247/249 Experiences:
– MSc, BSc in Biological Sciences and Chemistry
– 2 years private tutoring for first and second year OChem and high school math
– 2 years study group mentor for OChem (UofAlberta)
– 1 year TAing (CHM 138, 247)
30$/hour (one-on-one) or 50$/hour (group, up to 4))
José Mendez Campos Organic chemistry, biological chemistry, and biochemistry. 2nd year PhD student in chemical biology in the Nitz group.
$30/hour and meeting on or near campus are a plus.
Kamil Krawczyk CHM135/327, any first year PHYS/MATH/COMPSCI course PhD student in chemical physics. Experience in teaching CHM135 lab and tutorial, alongside CHM327 lab. 4 years previous TA experience in computer science, math, and physics during undergraduate degree at UBC.
$25/hr (negotiable)
Kevin Szkop CHM138, 139, 151, 238, 247, and high school math and sciences PhD student in inorganic and organometallic chemistry, BSc. (Hons) with emphasis in Environmental and Inorganic Chemistry, 4 years Teaching Assistant experience, currently Teaching Assistant for CHM 139, 4 years tutor experience at high school and university levels in chemistry
$30/hr (negotiable)
Louie Fan High School Chemistry, CHM 138 and 151 B.Sc in Chemistry, B.Ed, Ontario Certified Teacher. Private tutor for grade 11 and 12 (4 years) and knowledgable in the curriculum. 4 terms of CHM 138 and 1 term of CHM 247 TA experience.
Mark Miltenburg CHM135, PHY131/132, high school math/physics/chemistry B.A.Sc in Nanotechnology Engineering, 4 years TAing CHM135
Matthew Lumba CHM138, CHM247/249, CHM343, upper-level biological chemistry courses, first and second year biology, high school chemistry/biology BSc, Biological Chemistry Specialist, University of Toronto. TA for CHM138 (tutor) and CHM343 (demonstrator). Very familiar with U of T chem courses.
$25/hr, negotiable
Michael Bielecki All Organic Courses, especially CHM138, 247 Honors Bachelor of Science (Chemistry, with distinction). Currently a PhD candidate. 3 years of private tutoring. Specializing in organic chemistry.
$30/hr, (discounts available)
Michael Brant Organic Chemistry (all years) Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry (Uvic), 6 years tutoring and undergraduate teaching experience.
$25/hr, group welcome (discount)
Navid Soheilnia CHM139/238/338 5+ years tutoring experience
Peter Mirtchev Any high school or 100-level chemistry course (CHM 138,139, 151). 2nd year organic/inorganic/analytical courses (CHM 217,220, 238, 247, 249). Upper year inorganic and materials chemistry (CHM 325, 432, 434) 6 years TA experience in 1st and 2nd year general/organic chemistry courses. Ph.D and B.Sc. in Materials Chemistry.
Rachel Hems CHM 139, 151, 217, all environmental courses 3 years TA experience (including CHM139, CHM410). BSc in Chemistry, Currently PhD student in environmental chemistry
Rachel Kozlowski I have a BSc in biochemistry, a MSc in biochemistry and microbiology and a PhD in chemistry. I have over 10 years of experience tutoring general science, biology, biochemistry, chemistry, physics, algebra, calculus, finite, statistics and some other subjects. While most of my experience tutoring is with university students, I have taught students as young as grade 2 up until 2nd year university. I have also taught students with learning disabilities including ADHD and dyslexia
$30/hr in Vaughan/North York. If I go to the student, my rate is $50/hr. Group rates for 3 or more students $20/hr each in Vaughan/North York
Robbie Grunwald CHM139/151/220/221/ 223/225/326/328/421/ 423/427, math and physics courses 11 years tutoring high school and university levels / 3 yrs as a Prep101 instructor
available upon request
Rohan Ravindranath CHM138, 139, 151, 247, 238, 325, 338 and 347 completed an honours B.Sc. with a major in chemistry from UofT (familiar with the UofT chemistry curriculum), past experience tutoring in high school, experience TAing CHM138 labs, and currently a TA for CHM247 labs
$30/hr, negotiable
Sam McWhirter CHM 135, 136, 151, 217, 220, 222, 317 and high school sciences/math PhD student in analytical chemistry. Hons BSc (w/ distinction) from Mount Allison Univeristy with minors in biology and biochem. 5 years of TA experience in general chem, analytical chem, phys chem, organic chem and calculus (including 2 years in CHM 135).
$25/hr, negotiable for groups
Syed Ahmad Any first or second year chemistry, physics, and mathematics course. Preference to UTSC students. PhD Candidate in Analytical Chemistry at UTSC.
Si Yue Guo Physical chemistry (incl. CHM 139, 151, etc.), Math, and Physics PhD in physical chemistry, Honours BSc in math and physics, > 10 years of experience tutoring high school and university-level math, physics, chemistry, and English, incl. the U of T Accessibility Services and the Massey College tutoring programs
Stephen Ho CHM138/139, and 217, High school chemistry and physics 4 years TA experience in inorganic, analytical, forensic and first year chemistry. Hon(BSc) at U of T, currently a PhD student in analytical chemistry. With 2 years experience in tutorial first year chemistry courses (CHM138/139H, CHM110/120H) at St George and Mississauga campus, 1 year experience in tutoring grade 12 university level chemistry (online course).
$30/hour, $40/hour upon request at any location away from St George Campus
Stephen Sciuto High school chemistry, CHM 138, 139, 151, 217, 221, 225, 238, 247, 249 Ph.D in Analytical Chemistry, B.Sc (Honours with Distinction). I have three years of experience as a CHM 139 tutor and CHM 247 demonstrator. In addition, I have over 4 years experience as a private tutor, specializing in high school and 1st year chemistry. I am also available for in-house tutoring in and around the GTA. Depending on distance this may be subject to a two hour minimum.
Trevor Janes High school chemistry, First year chemistry, all inorganic chemistry courses (Tutoring available at downtown and UTSC campuses) PhD candidate (inorganic chemistry) 3 years experience, as tutorial TA for CHM 135/139 and lab TA for CHM 138.


If you are interested in becoming a volunteer tutor or would like to acquire a tutor for free, applications and information are available through University of Toronto Peer Tutoring (UTPT).