Lounge and mural

Grad Lounge, LM 406

The Graduate Student Lounge, located in room 406 in the Chemistry Department, is a great common space for graduate students and post-docs to step away from the lab. There’s plenty of seating, a beautiful chemistry-filled mural, board games, a foosball table, a small library and even a piano. The Grad Lounge also has a fridge, microwaves, a toaster oven, an espresso machine, and vending machines, making it a great space to have lunch or a snack. Have a look at some pictures on our Flickr page to get a preview of the space.

The Grad Lounge was renovated in 2012-2013 by students in the department. These renovations were led by Laura Reyes and Ben Chung, and were aided throughout by Mike Dymarski.