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Lab Manuals:

The following lab manuals are currently in stock:  CHM 135, 136, 247 and 249.

All manuals are in stock!

Item Price Item Price
CHM 135 (Formerly CHM 139): Chemistry: Physical Principles $25.00 CHM 136 (Formerly CHM 138): Introductory Organic Chemistry I $25.00
CHM 247: Introductory Organic Chemistry II $25.00 CHM 249: Organic Chemistry $10.00

Essentials and Refill Packages:

Essential Packages include everything you need for your first-year labs at a great discount. It’s cheaper to buy all your required supplies in a ChemClub package than it is to buy the supplies individually at other locations. In the packages, you get a lab notebook, a pair of safety goggles, a lab coat, nitrile gloves, glassware marker, and a ChemClub tote bag to carry it all to your labs! Don’t forget to get your lab manual for your specific class, too.

Grab a Refill Package if you need to restock and get a new lab notebook, marker, and gloves (10 pairs).

Package Price
Essentials Package (remember your lab manual separately!)
Refill Package


Lab Equipment:

Item Price Item Price
Lab Coat (Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL) $25.00 Indirectly-Vented Chemical Splash Goggles $15.00
Nitrile Gloves*, 10 pairs (Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL) $5.00 Hardcover Bound Lab Notebook $8.00
Chem Club Reusable Tote Bag $3.00 Glassware Marker $3.00
Refill Package (any size gloves + notebook + marker) $15.00  
*Please change gloves when they get contaminated with dangerous chemicals. We give you extra for a reason!

Optional Items:

Molecular Model Kit:

By popular demand, we will now stock molecular model kits! Both kits have been approved by the chemistry laboratory instructors.

Model Kit Price
Orbit kit
Molymod kit

Past Exams with Solutions:

ChemClub sells exam solutions,verified by course instructors, from the past two years. These are excellent study aids, and are only available through ChemStores.

All solutions are in stock!

Item Price
CHM 135 (4 exams total)
CHM 136 (4 exams total)

Note: All prices include all applicable sales tax(es). Prices are correct as of September 2017; however, they may change without notice.