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Lab Manuals:

The following lab manuals are currently in stock (updated on January 9, 2018).

Item Price
CHM 135 (Formerly CHM 139): Chemistry: Physical Principles $25.00
CHM 151: Chemistry: The Molecular Science $25.00
CHM 247: Introductory Organic Chemistry II $25.00
CHM 249: Organic Chemistry $10.00

Essentials and Refill Packages:

Essential Packages include everything you need for your first-year labs at a great discount. It’s cheaper to buy all your required supplies in a ChemClub package than it is to buy the supplies individually at other locations. In the packages, you get a lab notebook, a pair of safety goggles, a lab coat, 10 pairs of nitrile gloves, glassware marker, and a ChemClub tote bag to carry it all to your labs! Don’t forget to get your lab manual for your specific class, too.

Grab a Refill Package if you need to restock and get a new lab notebook, marker, and gloves (10 pairs).

Package Price
Essentials Package (remember your lab manual separately!)
Refill Package


Lab Equipment:

Item Price Item Price
Lab Coat (Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL) $25.00 Indirectly-Vented Chemical Splash Goggles $15.00
Nitrile Gloves*, 10 pairs (Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL) $5.00 Hardcover Bound Lab Notebook $8.00
Chem Club Reusable Tote Bag $3.00 Glassware Marker $3.00
Refill Package (any size gloves (10 pairs) + notebook + marker) $15.00  
*Please change gloves when they get contaminated with dangerous chemicals. We give you extra for a reason!

Optional Items:

Molecular Model Kit:

By popular demand, we will now stock molecular model kits! Both kits have been approved by the chemistry laboratory instructors. ***Jan 11th: Orbit kits are back in stock.

Model Kit Price
Orbit kit
Molymod kit

The Molymod kit is more durable and visually pleasing!

Past Exams with Solutions:

ChemClub sells exam solutions, verified by course instructors, in the past two years (2016 – 2018). These are excellent study aids and are only available through ChemStores.

All solutions are in stock!

Item Price
CHM 135 (4 exams total)
CHM 136 (4 exams total)

Note: All prices include all applicable sales tax(es). Prices are correct as of December 2018; however, they may change without notice.