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Matthew attended the University of Waterloo for both an HBsc and MSc in Chemistry. During his graduate work at Waterloo he focused on the design of methods and instrumentation for the solventless extraction of volatile organic compounds from low permeability media. He is currently engaged as a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto in the Jockusch group. Continuing to focus on analytical instrumentation, his aim is to bring temperature control methods to QIT-FRET mechanism-fluorescence measurements. In his free time he enjoys reading philosophy books and big game hunting.


Jocky studied Chemistry at the University of Oxford and completed his MChem in 2013. In his undergraduate research, he studied the structural properties of protein complexes using mass spectrometry. He joined the Jockusch group in Fall 2014 and is currently developing FRET as a technique to probe gas-phase protein structure and studying intrinsic effect of methylation on the spectroscopic properties of rhodamines. His other interests include traveling and watching comedy.


JoAnn completed her BSc as a Chemistry Major at the University of British Columbia in 2015. Since then, she has worked in the medical device industry focusing on validations of manufacturing processes and method development used for the manufacture of biological heart valves. Currently, she is investigating the photophysics of Hoechst dyes as well as conformations of DNA in the gas phase. In her free time, she is usually eating with friends, hiking or playing sports.



Neena completed her BSc at the University of Toronto, Mississauga with a double major in Chemistry and Biology. Neena joined the Jockusch Lab in May 2016 through the Summer Research Fellowship Program. Her research is focused on using mass spectrometry (MS) as an assay to optimize in vitro conditions for inhibiting early stages of protein aggregation associated with Alzhiemer’s. She is also using tandem MS to find out the binding sites of selected inhibitors on those proteins. Neena also has a passion for singing.



Iden completed his Honours BSc at the University of Ottawa in 2017, where he used mass spectrometry to study the unimolecular dissociation reactions of ions in the gas phase. He joined the Jockusch lab in May 2017 as a summer research student ahead of starting his graduate studies at the University of Toronto in September. He is currently looking at the photophysical properties of proflavin in the gas phase. When not in the lab, you can find Iden cooking, out with friends, or exploring Toronto.




Cynthia received her Honours BSc from the University of Toronto, Mississauga in 2017 with a joint major in Chemistry and Biology for Health Sciences. She then joined the U of T summer research fellowship program as part of the Krull lab before joining the Jockusch lab for her graduate studies in September. She is currently interested in utilizing H/D exchange to study RNA. Outside of lab, she enjoys hanging out with friends, reading novels and watching thrillers.

Jeremy is a 4th year Chemistry Specialist at the University of Toronto. He worked as a DAAD Scholar in Dresden, Germany, developing a drug delivery system which may potentially lead to the cure of multiple myeloma. His current project involves studying protein aggregation with mass spectrometry. Outside of the lab, Jeremy enjoys travelling, learning new cultures and languages, and optimizing his recipe for his favourite dish, svíčková.  



Huihui was born in China and later moved to Singapore. She came to Toronto in 2004 and graduated at the University of Toronto in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. She is currently completing her doctoral program. Huihui has studied the photophysical properties of gas-phase fluorescein and its derivatives using various spectroscopic methods. She is currently investigating fluorescence properties of gaseous macrocyclic complexes of dyes. Huihui is a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers. She also likes playing badminton and practicing yoga.



Francis is a part-time Senior Research Associate in the group focusing on instrument development.