Murphsters at EGU

Check out the following presentation by Murphy group members:
In the Monday session “Biosphere-atmosphere exchange of reactive trace gases and aerosols”, Amy and Alex are presenting posters on our work at Manitou Forest in 2015
Observations and methodology of atmospheric ammonia within the Colorado Rocky Mountain pine forest
Amy Hrdina, Alexander Moravek, and Jennifer Murphy
Bi-directional exchange of ammonia in a pine forest ecosystem – a model sensitivity analysis
Alexander Moravek, Amy Hrdina, and Jennifer Murphy

and in the Thursday session “Boundary Layers in High Latitudes: Physical and Chemical Exchange Processes over Ocean-Ice-Snow-Land Surfaces”, Angela is presenting results of her research project from her exchange to the Paul Scherrer Institute
Investigating the Uptake Mechanisms of Hydrogen Peroxide to Single and Polycrystalline Ice with a Novel Flow Tube System
Angela Hong, Markus Ammann, and Thorsten Bartels-Rausch