Previous Members

Dr. Sébastien Alazet (PDF, 2017-2018) – Associate Scientist at NuChem Therapeutics
Alex Jeanneret (M.Sc., 2017-2018) – Associate Scientist at Paraza Pharma Inc.
Jessica Lee (M.Sc., 2016-2017)
Yiming Ren (M.Sc., 2016-2017)

Jordan Daponte (CHM499, 2016-2017) — MSc student in the Hein group at UBC starting Fall 2017
Luis M. Barrera Arbelaez (NSERC USRA & volunteer student, 2016) — Currently a Brewer at Amsterdam Brewery Co.
Matthew Tewkesbury (CHM499, 2015-2016) — Currently a MSc student in the Schafer group at UBC
Nicholas Hodkinson (CHM499, 2015-2016) — Currently working in the Zamble group at UofT
Chris Seo (Summer Research Fellow, 2015) — Currently a MSc student in the Morris group at UofT

*** If you are a former group member, please keep in touch! To update your current whereabouts, send us an email.