ChemClub Formal (April 2019 – Left to right: Emily, Medina, Tyler, Racquel, Athina, Nick)

ChemClub Curling (April 2019 – Left to right: Racquel, Emily, Mike, Tyler, and Nick)

Secret Santa Gift Exchange (December 2018)

Nick celebrating his paper acceptance (December 2018)

Group Photo January 2019 (Top row, L to R – Cuihan, Medina, Sophie, Racquel, Mike, Emily. Bottom row, L to R: Purvish, Nick, Reggie, Tyler)

Group Photo November 2017 (Top row, L to R – Nick, Alethea, Steph, Alex, Sophie, Mike. Bottom row, L to R: Purvish, Seb, Reggie, Chad)

Toronto Islands BBQ (August 2016)IMG_0883 IMG_0888IMG_0893

Blue Jays Game (July 2016)IMG_0369

Group Photo 2016 (Left to right – Jordan, Luis, Yiming, Sophie, Nick, Chad, Jess, Purvish, and Reggie)img_1478-1

Group Photo May 2016 (Left to right – Luis, Purvish, Jessica, Sophie, Reggie, and Chad)DSCF0818

Group Photo February 2016 (Left to right – Nick, Chad, Sophie, Matt, Purvish, and Reggie)IMG_0357

Group Photo September 2015 (Left to right – Nick, Matt, Sophie, Purvish, and Reggie)DSC_0007