Graduate Nanotechnology Network Award

A new top-up award worth approximately $3000 per recipient is being offered to up to new graduate students. The purpose of this award is to attract the best students into collaborative, interdisciplinary research in Nanotechnology.

To be eligible for the award, students must be engaged in collaborative research, i.e. they must be collaborating with another professor outside of their home research group, even if they are not being officially co-supervised.

Thesis projects that involve joint supervision across faculties will receive priority in award. For example, such a researcher may be working towards the development of a breast cancer detection system under the collaborative guidance of a physical scientist (Faculty of Arts and Sciences) and pathologist (Faculty of Medicine).

Two letters of reference are required. Both letters should come from professors at UofT. One should come from the graduate supervisor, and the other should come from the collaborating UofT professor. We do not require that the letters be placed in a sealed envelope. Referees may also email their letters of reference to

The application materials are available on the web:

Please send your application via email to:

You may also apply in person or by mail at:

Lash Miller Chemical Laboratories
80 St. George St., Room 514
Toronto, ON; M5S 3H6
Attn: Gilbert Walker

Download the application form in pdf format here: Nano-Net Award – Grad.

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