Undergraduate Summer Fellowship Award

A top-up award worth up to $3000 per recipient is available. The purpose of this award is to enhance interdisciplinary research in Nanotechnology.

This award provides financial support to students seeking summer work placements within research groups at the University of Toronto. It is intended as a top‐up of other support, to be provided by the research supervisor.

This award cannot be combined with another major award, such as the NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA) program. It is expected that research supervisors will top-up the award with a minimum of $2,625, for a total summer stipend of at least $5,625.

Students will only be granted the award once during their undergraduate studies.

An up‐to‐date transcript, statement of research plan and the endorsement of the prospective supervisor are required. The application deadline is April 30.

Please send your application via email to: gwalker@chem.utoronto.ca.

You may also apply in person or by mail at:

Lash Miller Chemical Laboratories
80 St. George St., Room 514
Toronto, ON; M5S 3H6
Attn: Gilbert Walker

Download the application form in pdf form here: Nano-Net-Award-Summer-Fellowship_2017.

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