Recent News:

May 2019: Congratulations to Andrei for being awarded a Killam Research Fellowship Prize!

January 2019: Congratulations to Andrei for winning the 2019 R.U. Lemieux Award!

January 2019: Andrei joins Chemical Science as an Associate Editor!

December 2018: Congratulations to Diego on winning the Boehringer Ingelheim award!

December 2018: Check out Joanne’s new submission to ChemRxiv!

November 2018: Check out Joanne’s review on borylated reagents for multicomponent processes!

November 2018: Congratulations to Diego for getting one of the QOMSBOC 2018 poster prizes!

November 2018: From December 1 2018, Andrei will serve as an Associate Editor of Chemical Science.

September 2018: Welcome to our first year PhD students; Vincent (McGill University) and Tien (Dalhousie University)!

September 2018: Welcome to our new visiting students Stephanie (University of Münster) and Christiaan (University of Amsterdam)!

August 2018: Thanks to Harry and Jonas, we have a new robust protocol for synthesizing peptide-modified aminoboronic acids on solid-phase.

August 2018: Congrats to Victoria and Aleks on their paper on the directing group effect of the MIDA ligand during the metal-catalyzed oxidation of boron-containing alkenes!

July 2018: Congratulations to Frank, Diego, Aleks, and Sherif on their Nature Chemistry paper related to the migratory aptitude and hemilability of boron!

June 2018: Congratulations to Solomon and Takuya on their fundamental studies of RAH motifs in peptide-based macrocycles!

June 2018: Welcome to our new post-doc Yury Lebedev!

June 2018: Welcome to Anton Makarov, our new visiting student from Perm University!

May 2018: Welcome to our newest member, Tien, from Dr. Alex Speed’s group at Dalhousie University!

April 2018: Congratulations to Sherif and Tanya on their novel method for synthesizing β-amino boronate peptidomimetics!

January 2018: Check out Sherif’s concept article on current methodologies used for introducing heterocycles into peptide-based macrocycles.

December 2017: Check out Harry’s review on the conformational control of macrocyclic peptides using heterocycles.

November 2017: Congratulations to Joanne for developing a new class of selective boron-containing lipase inhibitors!

September 2017: Thanks to Sean, Aleks and Diego, the boryl aldoxime motif has been shown to have great synthetic potential!

August 2017: Our studies on “cyclol management” to access synthetically challenging medium-sized rings is out! Great work Rodrigo, Victoria, and Milan!

July 2017: Check out Diego and Andrei’s review on how boron has become a highly versatile electrophile in the development of covalent inhibitors.

May 2017: Congrats to Sherif’s new paper on boron-containing ketenimines!

April 2017: Check out Wenjie’s new method towards polysubstituted thiophenes!

April 2017: The oxalyl boronates were featured on Synfacts! Great work Frank and Aleks!

March 2017: Check out what Derek Lowe had to say about oxadiazole-containing macrocycles!

March 2017: Tatiana wins first place for her talk on her undergraduate research at SOUSCC 45! Awesome work!

March 2017: Congratulations to Frank and Aleks for their great work on borylated imidazoles!

January 2017: Congratulations to Andrei for receiving the 2017 Alfred Bader Award by the CIC and the CSC!

December 2016: Welcome our new post doc Milan Bergeron-Brlek!

November 2016: Congrats to Sean and Sherif on their paper on the synthesis of 6-hydroxyceramides!

November 2016: Congratulations to Solomon for getting 2nd best talk at QOMSBOC2016 in Waterloo!

November 2016: Check out Andrei’s interview with editor: Marshall Brennan, for Nature Chemistry!

October 2016: A new method for peptide macrocyclization developed by John and Conor! Great work guys!

September 2016: Check out our paper on the synthesis of aminoboronic acids!

August 2016: Congrats to Sean and Aleks for publishing their exciting studies on boratriazaroles!

July 2016: Congrats to Niklas and Sherif on their paper which was also highlighted in Synfacts!

June 2016: Congrats Joanne for winning a poster prize at CSC 2016 held in Halifax!

June 2016: Welcome to our new Post-Doc, Wenjie Shao!

February 2016: Congratulations to John for winning  a runner-up poster award at the Peptide Gordon Conference 2016 held in Ventura, California! Fantastic job.

November 2015: Congrats to Diego for his second place poster prize at QOMSBOC2015 held at the Université du Québec à Montréal! You can check out some pictures here.

November 2015: Congrats to Shinya, Sean and Frank on their new paper!

November 2015: Congratulations to Andrei! His perspective titled, “Macrocycles: lessons from the distant past, recent developments, and future directions“, made Top 25 most downloaded Chemical Science articles!

September 2015: Welcome to our new students; Aleksandra Holownia, Kowan O’Keefe, Harjeet Soor, and Julia Stille!

July 2015: Check out these featured journal covers by Ben and Piera!

June 2015: New Route to Rare Heterocycles, fantastic work Piera and Victoria!

May 2015: Welcome to our NSERC USRA students, Tanya Rogova and Filip Nikacevic!

March 2015: Welcome to our new post doc, Rodrigo Mendoza-Sanchez!

March 2015: Welcome to our new visiting student, Niklas Heine, from the University of Münster!

January 2015: Welcome to our new post doc, John Frost!

January 2015: Congratulations Andrei for winning this year’s CSC Bernard Bealleau Award!

January 2015: Congratulations Andrei on your exclusive appointment as Chair of the Editorial Board for the RSC’S Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry.

September 2014: Congrats to our recent Ph.D. graduates Jeff St. Denis and Serge Zaretsky!

August 2014: Congrats to our summer undergraduate student, Aleksandra Holownia, for winning a poster presentation prize. Well done!

May 2014: Welcome to our new graduate students Diego Diaz, Sherif Kaldas and Joanne Tan as well as our new undergraduate student Aleksandra Holownia!

May 2014: Congrats to our recent M.Sc. graduate Rebecca Courtemanche and Ph.D. graduate Chris White!

October 2013: Welcome to our new post doc, Piera Trinchera!

September 2013: Congrats to our recent M.Sc. graduate Joy Yu. Best of luck at Gilead!

September 2013: Welcome to our new graduate student Frank Lee!

August 2013: Our two undergraduate research assistants, Joanne and Sonia, won poster prizes at the NSERC USRA poster session for their research this summer. Good job!

August 2013: Serge Zaretsky won a prize for his poster at the Gordon Conference on Medicinal Chemistry.

July 2013: NEW: Andrei’s blog can be found at amphoteros.com.

July 2013: Nanomolar bioactive boropeptides, fantastic work Adam!

June 2013: Welcome to our new graduate student Victoria Corless!

May 2013: Five members of the Yudin Group gave talks at the CSC in Québec City. Congratulations to Adam on the presentation award.

May 2013: Congrats to our recent M.Sc. graduate Genevieve Canzonieri!