My current research activities fall into two main areas: development of new techniques and technologies in analytical chemistry, and chemical education. Undergraduate students can become involved in these progects through various opportunities such as the ROP 299Y (CHM 299Y) and CHM 499Y research courses, summer research assistantships, or college-based independent study units. A brief introduction to current work is provided through these pages.

Chemical Education – Transitions

One continuing educational research project is a study of the transition from high school to university as experienced by students taking chemistry. Students can get involved through the Faculty of Arts & Science Research Opportunity Program (ROP 299Y1).

Chemical Education and Technology

My interests in chemical education and technology primarily concern (a) the use of technology to enhance learning in analytical chemistry. and (b) the transition from high school to university in chemistry. Some of these projects have already been incorporated into existing courses, such as:

Other current initiatives involve the development of new experiments for use in the introductory and instrumental analytical chemistry courses, CHM 217H and CHM 317H. A number of these provide opportunities for summer research students, either through University Summer Research Assistant (USRA) positions, or the Faculty of Arts & Science second year Research Opportunity Program (ROP 299Y).

Graduate students may become involved through the Chemistry department’s Chemistry Teaching Fellowship Program; interested graduate students should contact the undergraduate office for further information about this program.