Results from the Survey

This page provides a list of all available interim reports and presentations related to the chemical education survey on the high school–university transition as it is experienced by our first year students in chemistry. If you have any specific questions about any of the reports and presentations listed here, please contact the principle researcher. Interested readers may also wish to consult the bibliography for background material.

Recent Presentations:

ChemEd 2013 Conference: “Disconnected: High School and Post-Secondary Grades
Selected slides from a ChemEd 2013 presentation on the issue of study skills in the high school–university transition

2010-11 Presentations:

STAO 2011 Conference: “Study Skills and Success in Science
Slides from a presentation describing preliminary findings from the ASSIST survey; some overlap with the C3 plenary described below, but directed more towards high school teachers
C3 Conference: “Pathways to Success: Barriers and Catalysts in Chemical Education
Slides from a plenary lecture presented for the 38th College Chemistry Canada (C3) conference held at Dawson College (Montréal), June 2nd 2011. This presentation provides an overview of learning theory, a short introduction to the Approaches & Study Skills Inventory for Students (ASSIST) survey instrument, along with some initial results from the 2010-11 survey and general thoughts about teaching and learning.
CSC Conference: “Approaches to studying and student success”
This is a shorter version of the C3 plenary lecture, made for the 94th Canadian Society of Chemistry (CSC) annual conference held in Montréal, June 5th-9th 2011.

2009-10 Presentations:

STAO Conference: “Why Good Students Fail”
Annotated handout and links for a presentation made at the November 2010 STAO conference in Toronto that focussed on study skills, intellectual development, problem-solving, and conceptual understanding.
Ates Tanin Lecture: “Why Good Students Fail”
Handout containing references and links as well as copies of selected slides for the Chemistry Departmental Colloquium, January 22nd 2010, University of Toronto.
CSC Conference: “Why Good Students Fail”
Selected slides from a shortened and modified version of earlier talks, made for the 93rd Canadian Society of Chemistry (CSC) annual conference held in Toronto, May 29th-June 2nd, 2010.

2008-9 Presentations:

CUTG Meeting: High to Low Tide: The high school–university transition
Slides from a presentation made at the Chemistry Undergraduate Teaching Group meeting, August 2009, University of Toronto. This is in updated version of part of the STLHE/UNB presentation below.
STLHE Conference:High to Low Tide: The high school–university transition
Updated handout with discussion notes and additional material from a presentation made at the annual Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE) conference June 16th-20th 2009 at the University of New Brunswick. This includes slides not presented at the conference and notes for discussion groups provided by the participants during the session - thank you! This presentation was also the basis of a publication in the conference journal
C3 Conference: “The High School–University Transition in Chemistry
Slides from a presentation at the 36th College Chemistry Canada (C3) conference held at Centennial College, Scarborough, May 27th-29th, 2009. This presentation provides agregate results from the first three years of the study on student grades, curriculum coverage, and study habits from high school.

Older Presentations:


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