Lead Sheet and SATB

Come To The Lord

Chorus 1:

Come to the Lord, come sing His praises.
Come see the Babe of Bethlehem.
Come to the Lord with thanks and worship;
God has sent His Son from heav'n to men.

Verse 1:

Angels declared to watching shepherds,
"Peace be to you, goodwill to men;
For this day is born a Saviour,
Christ the Lord in Bethlehem!"

Chorus 1:
Verse 2:

In Bethlehem in the City of David,
In a stable cold and bare,
There in a manger lay the Christ-child
Just as the angels had declared.

Chorus 1:
Verse 3:

Then from the East came wise men searching
For the King announced by the star,
Bearing gifts to honour the Christ-child;
Knelt and paid their homage there.

Chorus 1:
Verse 4:

God so loved the world He created
He freely gave His only Son
That through faith He might then offer
Eternal life to everyone.

Final Chorus:

Glory to God! Come sing His praises.
Thanks be to God! He gave His Son
Sing praise to God for our salvation,
God has sent His Son from heav'n to men.

Tony & Fiona Milodowski and David C. Stone © 1986, 2000 Stones Cry Out Music, 25 Mabelle Avenue #2702, Etobicoke ON, M9A 4Y1, Canada. All rights reserved. International copyright secured.