Undergraduate Teaching:

The following is a complete list of undergraduate courses I have taught, all at the St. George Campus, University of Toronto. The final letter of the course code indicates a full (Y) or half (H) course, Fall half-course only (F), and Spring half-course only (S).

CHM 137YIntroduction to General Chemistry 1994, 1997-9
CHM 138HIntroductory Organic Chemistry I 2002 Fall
CHM 139HChemistry: Physical Principles Summer 2001, Spring 2003 & 2009-2012
CHM 217FIntroduction to Analytical Chemistry Fall 2003-8 & 2010-2013
CHM 254SQualitative Organic Analysis Lab 2000
CHM 319FInstrumental Methods of Analysis 1993
CHM 314YInstrumental Methods of Analysis 2000-1
CHM 314YInstrumental Methods of Analysis Lab 2003-4
CHM 317SInstrumental Methods of Analysis Lab Spring 2004-9 & 2010-2014
CHM 414F1 Biological & Chemical SensorsFall 1995-2003 & 2005-2008
CHM 416S2 Separation ScienceSpring 1993-2008
SCI 199Y3 Contemporary Chemistry for a Modern Society2004-5
  1. Cross-listed as graduate course CHM 1102F
  2. Cross-listed as graduate course CHM 1104S
  3. Co-taught 50% with Dr. A. Dicks