STAO Conference Papers:

One of the aims of the chemical education research project is to provide information of relevance to high school teachers. While the primary focus is obviously on students taking chemistry, much of this information will be equally applicable to other science subjects.

Preliminary findings, suggestions, and recommendations for teachers have been presented at the Science Teacher’s Association of Ontario (STAO) conferences. Some of the talks and handouts can be downloaded here. Please feel free to download and print copies of any of the materials you find on this page – just send a quick e-mail or letter to say you have done so! Comments, questions, and suggestions are also welcomed.

Note: further details can be found in other presentations which are also available for download.

STAO 2010:

“Why Good Students Fail”

This presentation builds on the survey work described in earlier STAO talks, but starts addressing factors contributing to the variation in student performance in first-year compared to high school beyond grades and demographics.

In particular, it addresses the particular question of why chemistry is often perceived by students as a ‘hard’ subject in terms of intellectual development (using Piagetian descriptors) and alternate (naive) concepts or misconceptions. In addition to the handout for the talk, the following links provide direct access to many of the articles and resources mentioned in the presentation.

Previous STAO Conferences: