CHM 138 Laboratory Helpful Hints and Techniques

Experiment 1 - Solubility

Pre-lab Preparation

Macroscale and Microscale Organic Experiments, 5th ed., by K.L. Williamson, pages 38-45 and 766-768 (pages 39-41 and 746-8, 4th ed.).

Organic Chemistry, 6th ed., by J. McMurry, Table 11.3, page 365 (p. 411, 5th ed.)

Supplementary Lab Notes, Experiment 1. Also read the Laboratory Safety section and the Students Guide to Working in the Chemistry Laboratory.


Pre-Lab work


Benzoic acid

Diethyl ether

Hydrogen chloride



Sodium chloride

Sodium hydroxide

Sodium carbonate

Sodium sulfate


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