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Hotnews has links to the latest software patches and upgrades for Apple software and links to third party software. You can also find quicktime links and event information as well as articles on uses of Apple products.

Customer Installable Parts tells how to install memory and other parts. It's a Mac, so it's a snap with online movies to show you how (or there are no parts that can be upgraded!)

If you have a room full of Macs, Mac OS X Server is a product that might make your life easier. You can share user files securely from one location. Net-boot macs from one server, so you do not need to worry about maintaining and updating all the systems separately.


Local Support

OS X Recent Software Updates has links to recent software updates for supported OS X versions

Java updates has Java SE and JDK updates. Use the Java control panel for automatic updates.

Adobe Flash version checker checks if the latest version of Flash is installed. Newer versions of OS X automatically block older versions when vunerabilities are found.

Apple Securityis a web page on security issues in Mac OS.

UTPoster service for printing large format posters.

Check your installed Java version

Check your installed Silverlight version

Licenses for software can be bought by faculty and students from Information Commons. Often the prices are much less than even academic pricing for shrinkwrapped software from the UofT Computer Shop.

How to use the University of Toronto LDAP in Mac OS X Mail application.

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