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The problem of choosing fifteen or twenty courses from the enormous number listed in the Faculty of Arts & Science Calendar may appear formidable.  Few students begin their first year with a clear idea of which program they will eventually follow, yet each student must choose a first year program that will keep open a number of options from which a choice must be made in second year.  Much thought and careful planning must go into the choice of first year courses, so that students do not find themselves excluded from desirable programs in later years.


Useful starting points are the sections in the Faculty of Arts and Science Calendar on Programs of Study that precede each Department's listing of courses.  Glance through these and see which of the many programs might be of interest.  Then list the first year requirements for these programs and find out what range of choice is available by taking a given collection of first year courses.  Consider carefully the level of the first year courses that might be taken.  Generally, the higher numbered courses in a particular subject will be more suitable for further work in that subject or may serve as more useful prerequisites for later year courses.


For all the specialist programs and the major program sponsored by the Chemistry Department, the strongly recommended first year chemistry course is CHM 151Y. The program descriptions also list other requirements such as BIO, PHY and MAT courses.  However, students who take CHM (138H + 139H) are by no means excluded from Chemistry's programs.  Students are encouraged to discuss any concerns, doubts or misunderstandings with Departmental Advisors as early as possible and as often as necessary.


Whatever program is eventually chosen, it is normally advisable to follow the yearly sequence of courses that is prescribed.  Delaying courses from one year to another may mean that there is less adequate background preparation for work in other areas, and will almost certainly result in complex timetable difficulties.


To help you choose the course, you may refer to the table of course comparison.  The difference between the two streams of first year courses is discussed in First Year Courses.  You may also want to read the Special Notes for first year students.


The outlines of these first year courses with more detailed information are available at the Department of Chemistry's website



Course Counseling


At some time in your undergraduate career you will certainly need some advice from someone who is knowledgeable about your major field of interest. The staff of the Department will be pleased to discuss your program with you and to give advice about course selection.


If you have any questions about course selection and programs, come to the Undergraduate Office in Room 151 in the Lash Miller Building .  You may also contact us by phone at (416) 978-6033 or by email at  Experienced advisors in the various sub-disciplines of chemistry and programs of studies are available in the Department.