Stephanie’s work involved researching the effect of metal oxide  nanoparticles on red blood cells.  She felt like she gained a lot of knowledge and experience that iwll help in doing further scientific research through undergraduate and hopefully graduate studies.

Darryl’s research focus was the physical properties of polymer nanostructures, specifically the photoluminescent behaviour of nanotubes and nanowires made of poly(p-phenylenevinylene) (PPV). The project was very interesting and he has continued worki on it since returning to UofT. 

For both of them, there was no question their time spent in Singapore was worthwhile for an educational experience and the chance to travel Southeast Asia.  Would they go back?  Both of them said, in a second.  Their advice to any future students, ...”we wish you luck.  You won’t need it though, just have an open mind and a willingness to learn.”

Darryl Hoving & Stephanie Loeb
(picture on the right)

Research Elsewhere

International Student Experience

The Department offers summer opportunities to do research elsewhere in collaboration with various institutions outside the University of Toronto, even outside Canada. Some of these research positions are funded fully or in part through an exchange program, so that successful students receive financial assistance to pay for transportation and accommodation when the assignment is overseas.

In addition, a credit for an appropriate 300-level research course may also be granted if certain conditions are met.

For more information about these opportunities and how to apply, please visit the Centre for International Experience at

OBW Ontario/Baden-Württemberg Student Exchange  

National University of Singapore

The Department of Chemistry in collaboration with the University of Toronto Centre for International Experience (CIE) offers undergraduate students in chemistry an opportunity to spend their summer doing research in Germany. Participating research faculty from the University of Freiburg, and the University of Konstanz welcome applications from chemistry undergraduate students who have good research experience and understanding of the research. 

More information about this program is available at, or at CIE.


The National University of Singapore (NUS) in collaboration with the University of Toronto Cenre for International Experience offers summer internships in Singapore to undergraduate students in chemistry. Successful students go to NUS for 12 weeks during the summer to do research in the labs under a NUS faculty supervisor.

More information about this program is available online at the Centre for International Experience