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Professor Eugenia Kumacheva
Office hours: TBA

Tutorials start on Thursday May 16.
On behalf of the Department of Chemistry, we would like to welcome you to your second-year course in introductory physical chemistry for the biosciences.

A central theme of CHM 220 is a remarkable result that, starting from a few basic physical principles, it is possible to rationalize a wide variety of observations and even to make predictions. Basic physical chemistry principles can be used to understand phenomena ranging from the small scale behavior of single molecules to complex biological processes to the large scale optimization of industrial chemical processes.

welcome to chm220

One of the goals of CHM 220 is to give you an introduction to this remarkable relationship between physical chemistry concepts and observations. This course will cover key concepts in modern physical chemistry and biophysics. It will prepare you for 300-level bio-stream sciences or will serve as an introductory course for physical chemistry. Problems will involve calculations, as well as qualitative topics. It is important both to understand the ideas presented from a conceptual point of view and to be able to apply them to solve problems.