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Important Dates

More detailed information will be forwarded via e-mail by the Chemistry Graduate Office. Please ensure to update the Graduate Office of your contact information.

These dates are not applicable to non-degree special students/exchange students. Please contact the Graduate Office for information.

April 24
Submit QueenElizabethIIGraduateScholarshipin Science & Technology application & Ontario Graduate Scholarship (domestic) application
April 24
Submit SGS University-Wide Awards application for the Agnes M. Ireland Award (OSOTF) - the only award incoming students may be eligible to apply.
June 30
Submit Teaching Assistantship Application (online)
August 1
Submit payroll forms
August 25
Last date for payment of tuition fees or to arrange fee deferral to meet registration deadline
TA Day
School of Graduate Studies Orientation
September 6 10:00
Chemistry Information  Session (mandatory for September registrants)
September 6
Supervisor Selection Workshop (mandatory for September registrants)
September 6
Teaching Assistants' Training Program (mandatory for September registrants)
September 6-15Supervisor Selection Week
September 7
Visit to Chemistry at Mississauga Campus (optional)
September 7
Laboratory Safety Workshop & Overview of Research Facilities (mandatory for September registrants)
September 8
Visit to Chemistry at Scarborough Campus (optional)
September 8
Chemistry Library Workshop (mandatory for September registrants)
September 15
Deadline to submit Supervisor Selection Ballot (mandatory for September registrants)

Mixer by ChemClub
September 22
Deadline to submit Course Enrolment form
December 1
Deadline to submit Doctoral Supervisory Committee Enrolment form

Other important dates scheduled by the School of Graduate Studies.