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Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson

Academic Title: Assistant Professor

Phone: 416-978-2946

Office: LM 241A


Research Homepage: http://www.chem.utoronto.ca/wp/wilsonlab


Nanostructured materials—conjugated organic molecules, colloidal quantum dots, and other low-dimensional semiconductors—offer novel ways to solve practical challenges surrounding the detection, generation, and movement of light and charge. Excitons mediate the interaction of light with these nano-scale systems, which are being investigated for optoelectronic applications ranging from 3rd-generation photovoltaics, to biological imaging, to cost-effective cameras in the short-wave infrared (λ:1-3μm).  As a result, spectroscopy is the natural probe for these systems—better still, transient broad-band spectroscopies, as key materials exhibit rich spectra and rapid (femtoseconds-milliseconds) dynamics.

In the Wilson Lab, we use spectroscopy to reveal and understand the properties of excitonic materials. We then exploit this knowledge to build novel optoelectronic devices—particularly those that allow functionality in the short-wave infrared (SWIR), as new research opportunities are arising driven by practical applications (sensing, emission), improved research equipment (SWIR APDs, ultrafast techniques), and a rising tide of SWIR-active materials.

For further information, please visit our research website.

Selected Publications

Mengfei Wu†, Daniel N. Congreve†, Mark W.B. Wilson†, Joel Jean, Nadav Geva, Matthew Welborn, Troy Van Voorhis, Vladimir Bulovic, Moungi G. Bawendi, and Marc A. Baldo (†These authors contributed equally)
Solid-state infrared-to-visible upconversion sensitized by colloidal nanocrystals
Nature Photonics 10:31–34 (2016)

Nicholas J. Thompson†, Mark W.B. Wilson†, Daniel N. Congreve†, Patrick R. Brown, Jennifer M. Scherer, Thomas S. Bischof, Mengfei Wu, Nadav Geva, Matthew Welborn, Troy Van Voorhis, Vladimir Bulovic, Moungi G. Bawendi, and Marc A. Baldo (†These authors contributed equally)
Energy harvesting of non-emissive triplet excitons in tetracene by emissive PbS nanocrystals
Nature Materials 13:1039–1043 (2014)
*Highlighted in a ‘News & Views’ in Nature Materials

Shane R. Yost†, Jiye Lee†, Mark W.B. Wilson, Tony Wu, David P. McMahon, Rebecca R. Parkhurst, Nicholas J. Thompson, Daniel N. Congreve, Akshay Rao, Kerr Johnson, Matthew Y. Sfeir, Moungi G. Bawendi, Timothy M. Swager, Richard H. Friend, Marc A. Baldo, and Troy Van Voorhis (†These authors contributed equally)
A transferable model for singlet-fission kinetics
Nature Chemistry 6:492–497 (2014)

Mark W.B. Wilson, Akshay Rao, Bruno Ehrler, and Richard H. Friend
Singlet exciton fission in polycrystalline pentacene: From photophysics toward devices
Accounts of Chemical Research 46(6):1330–1338 (2013)