Group Members

Jamie Donaldson

Jamie obtained his undergraduate degree at Carleton University, in Ottawa, and received his PhD in 1984 from Carleton, with the bulk of the research work carried out at the National Research Council. Following postdoctoral work in Boulder Colorado (first with Steve Leone, now at Berkeley, then with Veronica Vaida), Jamie came to Toronto in 1988. He is now a Professor of Chemistry and Associate Chair-Graduate Studies in the department.
Jamie's early research interests were in studying the dynamics of chemical interactions, by following the flow of various types of internal energy (vibrational, rotational, electronic) as reactions proceed from reagent to product. This led to an interest in the interactions taking place at liquid surfaces, which in turn led to the study of heterogeneous processes in the atmosphere, which is the primary focus of the group’s work today. He still has some interest in gas phase processes, in particular chemistry driven by high degrees of vibrational excitation, although there are no experiments being done in this area now. He also believe that a thorough understanding of chemical interactions is aided enormously by a theoretical underpinning, so the group has been active in using quantum chemical (and recently, molecular dynamics) methods to help interpret the experimental results.

Laura Stirchak

Laura graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst with an Honors BSc in Chemistry. Although she is now in the Environmental Chemistry discipline, her research was previously focused on the synthesis of organic molecules for use in organic photovoltaic devices as well as using electrochemical techniques to characterize BODIPY molecules for the same type of device. Laura first became interested in Environmental Chemistry after she took a course on the subject while studying abroad in Manchester, England. Her research focuses on understanding the photophysical properties of humic acids in different water samples.

Jessica Clouthier

Jessica completed her BSc. at Laurentian University with a Specialization in Forensic Science and Analytical Chemistry with Honors. She became interested in Environmental Chemistry during her fourth year thesis where she worked in collaboration with Environment Canada. For the duration of her fourth year thesis she studied the adsorption of crude oil on different mineral surfaces. Jessica is studying the chemical processes that occur in urban grime with a variety of techniques, including quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) Raman spectroscopy and ATR-FTIR spectroscopy. Outside of the lab she loves to spend her free time reading, hiking, and traveling.

Group Alumni

Graduate Students

Angela Hong (PhD 2017)
Alyson Baergen (PhD 2016)
Nicole Combe (MSc 2016)
Elyse Henderson (MSc 2013)
Sarah Styler (PhD 2013)
Dorea Reeser (PhD 2013)
Sumi Wren (PhD 2013)
Tara Kahan (PhD 2009)
Dorea Reeser (MSc 2009)
Sarah Styler (MSc 2008)
Daniel Clifford (MSc 2007)
Sri Chaudhuri (MSc 2006)
Baagi Mmereki (PhD 2004)
Lia Demou (Msc 2002)
Linda Reynard (MSc 2002)
Karen Randall (PhD 1997)
Elizabeth Bisgenden (PhD 1997)
Cathy Bird (MSc 1994)


Nana Kwamena (2010-2012)
Diego Ardura (2008-2009)
Thorsten Bartels-Rausch (2004-2005)
Mima Staikova (1999-2005)
Yuri Djikaev (1998-2000)
Svetlana Izmailova (1998-1999)
Eric Waclawik (1997-1998)
Elizabeth Bishenden (1997-1998)
Yibing Fan (1991-1993)
Steve Sapers (1989-1991)

Undergraduate Thesis Students

Karen Morenz (2015/16)
Katherine Mill (2014)
Martin Czar (2008/09)
Zena Rebello (2006)
Meiko Matsuuma (2005/06)
Nora Pataut (2005/06)
Charles Troster (2004/05)
Amber Asad (2003/04)
Hasina Visram (2003/04)
Peter Messih (2001/02)
Carlo Obilos (2000/01)
Lia Demou (1999/00)
Lolita Ng (1999/00)
Susanna Ma (1999/00)
Jim Markovski (1998/99)
Darcy Gentleman (1998/99)
Kevin Ko (1994/95)
Nancy Broughton (1993/94)
Jennifer Haddock (1991/92)
Norm Norris (1988/89)

Summer and Internship Students

Mark Croxall (2016)
Manpreet Kaur Takhar (2014)
Jordan Daoudi (2014)
Florie Chevrier (2012)
Aymeric Agostini (2011)
Marie-Eve L'Oiseaux (2010)
Stephanie Lapierre (2009)
Ran Zhao (2009)
Klaudia Juuma (2008)
Jenny Wong (2008)
Carole Barbier (2007)
Brian Lankadurai (2005)
Chuan Li (2005)
Susannah Handley (2004)
Megan Oh (2004)
Hasina Vissram (2002)