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Chemistry Major

For students wishing to take some chemistry courses but who do not wish to follow one of the specialist programs, the Department also offers Chemistry Major and Minor programs.

Consult Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies

This is a limited enrolment program.  All students who request the program and obtain at least the specified mark(s) in the required courses will be eligible to enrol. Consult the Registration Handbook & Timetable for details.

Courses for admission: CHM135H1/CHM139H1 and CHM136H1/CHM138H1 or CHM151Y1 with a minimum mark of 63%.

Eight (8) full courses or their equivalent, including at least one CHM half-course equivalent at the 400-level, are required to complete this program.

First Year: (CHM 151Y strongly recommended)/(135H/139H, 136H/138H); MAT (135H, 136H)/135Y/137Y/157Y

Second Year: At least two of CHM217H, 220H/222H/225Y1, 238Y, (CHM 249H strongly recommended0/247H

Third Year: At least two of CHM 317H, 327H, 338H, 343H, 348H, 379H

Fourth Year: Further 200/300/400-level CHM courses to make a total of seven CHM full course equivalents (CHM 299Y1, CHM396Y0, CHM397H0, CHM398H0, CHM398Y0, CHM399Y1 excluded)