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Undergraduate Courses

Generally, students admitted in the Life Sciences and Physical & Mathematical Sciences streams include chemistry in their first year, in addition to physics, math and biology courses. CHM151Y is the course that is strongly recommended for all students who will be following one of the chemistry specialist programs and who will be including a substantial amount of chemistry in their degree such as those in chemistry major program. The combination of CHM138H and CHM139H is recommended for students who intend to take programs in the Life or Health Sciences that do not require a large amount of chemistry. It is also the most appropriate course for students applying for entry into professional programs.

The second-year courses introduce the students to their chosen field of studies in biological, physical, organic, inorganic materials and analytical chemistry.

The third-year courses offer the students a wide variety of selection to concentrate on their chosen field of specialization by enhancing their understanding of the chemistry in the lectures and strengthening their practical experience in the labs.

The fourth-year courses cement the student understanding and practical experience to prepare them for employment upon graduation or pursue independent work in graduate studies.

Click on the links below to view the course descriptions. The academic calendar lists the course requirements like pre-requisites, co-requisites and exclusions, and the timetable when the courses are offered.

100 level courses
CHM135HChemistry: Physical Principles (formerly CHM139H)
CHM136HIntroductory Organic Chemistry I (formerly CHM138H)
CHM151YChemistry: The Molecular Science
PMU199HGreat Discoveries and Grand Challenges in Chemistry
PMU199HClimate Change
PMU199HChiral Drugs and Catalysts
TBB199HInnovative Teaching Methods in Chemistry
200 level courses
CHM209HChemistry of Molecular Gastronomy
CHM210HChemistry of Environmental Change
CHM217HIntroduction to Analytical Chemistry
CHM220HPhysical Chemistry for Life Sciences
CHM222HIntroduction to Physical Chemistry
CHM223HPhysical Chemistry: The Molecular Viewpoint
CHM238YIntroduction to Inorganic Chemistry
CHM247HIntroductory Organic Chemistry II
CHM249HOrganic Chemistry
CHM299YResearch Opportunity Program
300 level courses
CHM310HEnvironmental Chemistry
CHM317HIntroduction to Instrumental Methods of Analysis
CHM325HIntroduction to Inorganic and Polymer Materials Chemistry
CHM326HIntroductory Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy
CHM327HExperimental Physical Chemistry
CHM328HModern Physical Chemistry
CHM338HIntermediate Inorganic Chemistry
CHM342HModern Organic Synthesis
CHM343HOrganic Synthesis Techniques
CHM347HOrganic Chemistry of Biological Compounds
CHM348HOrganic Reaction Mechanisms
CHM379HBiomolecular Chemistry
JSC301HPrinciples and Practices in Science Education
400 level courses
CHM410HAnalytical Environmental Chemistry
CHM414HBiosensors and Chemical Sensors (Graduate Course: CHM 1102F)
CHM415HTopics in Atmospheric Chemistry (Graduate course: CHM 1415H)
CHM416HSeparation Science (Graduate course: CHM1104H)
CHM417HLaboratory Instrumentation (Graduate Course CHM1106H)
CHM423HApplications of Quantum Mechanics
CHM426HPolymer Chemistry (Graduate Course: CHM 1300H)
CHM427HStatistical Mechanics (Graduate Course: CHM1480H)
CHM432HOrganometallic Chemistry and Catalysis (Graduate Course: CHM1204H)
CHM434HAdvanced Materials Chemistry (Graduate Course: CHM1206H)
CHM437HBioinorganic Chemistry (Graduate Course: CHM1263H)
CHM440HThe Synthesis of Modern Pharmaceutical Agents (Graduate Course: CHM1004H)
CHM441HSpectroscopic Analysis in Organic Chemistry (Graduate Course: CHM1005H)
CHM443HPhysical Organic Chemistry (Graduate Course: CHM1003H)
CHM446HOrganic Materials Chemistry (Graduate Course: CHM1304H)
CHM447HBio-organic Chemistry (Graduate Course: CHM1006H)
CHM479HBiological Chemistry (Graduate Course: CHM1008H)
CHM499YIntroduction to Chemistry Research