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Environmental Chemistry Specialist

The Environmental Chemistry Program includes the study of chemical pollutants and natural processes that govern their fate and effects in the environment. The program involves a solid foundation in chemistry with specialized courses in environmental and analytical chemistry; breadth environmental science courses are offered through the School of the Environment. Sufficient flexibility is available to allow students to focus on an area of specific interest. This program may lead to employment either in the public or private sector or further graduate work in applied chemistry.

Consult Professor J. Murphy, Environmental Chemistry

This is a limited enrolment program.  All students who request the program and obtain at least the specified mark(s) in the required courses will be eligible to enrol. Consult the Registration Handbook & Timetable for details.

Courses for admission: CHM135H1/CHM139H1 and CHM136H1/CHM138H1 or CHM151Y1 with a minimum mark of 63%.

Fourteen (14) full courses or their equivalent, including at least one 400-series course, are required to complete this program.

First Year: BIO 150Y/(120H, 130H/220H); (CHM 151Y strongly recommended)/(135H/139H, 136H/138H); MAT (135H, 136H)/135Y/137Y/157Y

First or Second Year: PHY (131H, 132H)/(151H, 152H)/138Y/140Y

Second Year: CHM 217H, 225Y/(220H/222H, 221H/223H), 238Y, (CHM 249H strongly recommended)/247H; (CHM 210H, ENV 235H)/ENV 235Y; STA220H/GGR272H

Third and Fourth Years:
  1. CHM 310H, 410H, 415H; ENV 234Y, (ENV 221H, ENV 222H/GGR 222H)/ENV 222Y/GGR 222Y, ENV 334H/ENV 341H
  2. One additional full course equivalent from 300/400-series CHM courses
  3. ENV 421H/CHM 499Y/CHM 398H (in areas relevant to the program, to be approved by the Department)
  4. Further courses from any 300/400 series with DR=SCI, BR=4 or BR=5 such that the total FCE is 14.
Note:  ENV 235Y counts as both CHM210H and ENV 235H.