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Chemistry: The Molecular Science

Welcome to the Department of Chemistry and to the wealth of knowledge and research opportunities that lies herein. We invite and encourage you to take our courses, enroll in one of our specialists. programs, carry out cutting-edge research, and enter the diverse and interesting world of chemistry.

We invite you to interrogate both the science of chemistry and our faculty and instructors. We are here to both challenge and be challenged with the overall goal of delivering the best course instruction we can. Chemistry is a fabulously exciting area of inquiry with direct impacts on the myriad of areas that directly influence the quality of our daily lives and the world around us. Chemistry is the central science.

This section is intended for students who have been admitted in the University of Toronto and are thinking of taking chemistry courses and are interested in one of our programs of study. The following pages contain information about the first year chemistry courses at the St. George campus which we hope will assist you in your course selection.

We invite you to stop by our Undergraduate Office for more information. We are here to make your time in Chemistry rewarding for both you and the Department.