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Message from Associate Chair

Welcome to the University of Toronto, and to the Department of Chemistry. Our Department offers various programs for those wishing to specialize in Chemistry, as well as many different courses for those who wish to learn Chemistry as part of another degree program. We also offer several different undergraduate research opportunities.

Chemistry is the central science. Chemists have transformed such fields as biology, through molecular biology, materials science, through the creation of novel polymers and nanostructured materials and environmental studies through chemical remediation. And Chemistry itself also keeps changing and growing. The Chemistry Department at Toronto is helping to redefine Chemistry on many fronts. All of these exciting developments are placed within reach of our undergraduates.

What makes the university educational experience unique is the fact that the undergraduate student learns directly from professional practitioners of their subject: those who teach medicine continue to improve medical practice, those who teach history write history and those who teach chemistry create new chemistry in their laboratories. In this way, undergraduate students are brought right to the cutting edge of what is new in chemistry.

The information in the following pages is intended to assist you in your course selection, and in planning your program. Also included is information about the operation of the Department, various resources, scholarships and possibilities for summer research. If you need further clarification, or would like to know more about our programs, drop by our office. We can work together to make your association with our Department a productive and successful one.

Professor Rebecca Jockusch