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Nanoscience Minor

This physical science-based minor program represents a unique opportunity to study chemistry and physics in a different cultural environment. Students take core subjects at the first-year level in Toronto and spend the spring semester of their second or third year at the National University of Singapore, where they are enrolled in lecture courses and undertake a faculty-supervised research project.

For more information, contact the Undergraduate Office at undergrd@chem.utoronto.ca and the Centre for International Experience (CIE, www.cie.utoronto.ca).

Four full courses or their equivalent, including at least one full-course equivalent at the 300+ level

  1. CHM151Y1/​CHM135H1/​CHM139H1, (PHY151H1PHY152H1)/(PHY131H1PHY132H1)
  2. NUS227H0NUS228H0NUS328H0NUS398H0*
  3. Further CHM courses to make a total of four full course equivalents
*NUS courses must be taken at the National University of Singapore during either the Winter session of second year studies or the Winter session of third year studies.