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I am interested in chemistry but I do not have the high school chemistry pre-requisite. Can I take the first year chemistry courses?

Grade 12 chemistry or its equivalent is an essential pre-requisite for our first year chemistry courses. To have no background like Grade 12 chemistry or its equivalent is not in your best interest. We strongly advise students to be properly prepared by taking Grade 12 chemistry or its equivalent before enrolling in any first year chemistry course.

I am currently taking advanced courses in chemistry (AP, IB, GCE). What first year chemistry are they equivalent to?

The University of Toronto may grant you credit in our first year chemistry courses for your advanced chemistry courses like AP, IB or GCE. For information about what chemistry courses they are equivalent to, please go to http://www.future.utoronto.ca/transfercredit.

How do I apply to study chemistry in the University of Toronto?

You have to be a registered student in the University of Toronto to be allowed to enrol in chemistry. For information about application and admission, please go to http://www.future.utoronto.ca/.

What can I do with a degree in chemistry?

A degree in chemistry opens varied and wide opportunities in both public and private sectors. Please visit the Department of Chemistry's entry in the Career Centre web pages for more information.