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CHM499Y Introduction to Chemistry Research

TitleCHM499Y Introduction to Chemistry Research
Schedule240 labs
Notes: Enrolment in this course is limited and application for admission should be made to the Department in the preceding Winter Session, i.e., not later than the Friday before Reading Week. The application form may be filled out electronically and a hard copy submitted to the undergraduate office.
TopicsAn experimental or theoretical research problem under the supervision of a faculty member. Students are expected to spend approximately 240 hours during the academic year on their research problem. All students following the Chemistry Specialist program, or one of the joint specialist programs involving Chemistry (Biological Chemistry, Chemical Physics, Materials Science, Environmental Chemistry) are strongly encouraged to consider taking this course. The opportunity for doing original work in one of the branches of chemistry in the atmosphere of a research laboratory is a very valuable one, not only for prospective graduate work, but also for many other endeavours.

Projects in the areas of environmental, analytical, physical, inorganic, materials, organic and biological chemistry are offered. Students are encouraged to visit the faculty’s website prior to submission of their applications to get some ideas of the group research and indicate their choice of areas of interest on the application. However, it is not required that a student has signed up with a research faculty when submitting an application. Only students who are offered admission will be required to interview and find a research supervisor.
BackgroundPre-requisites: Permission of the department. Minimum CGPA of 3.0. Research positions are limited. Students with strong background in courses in the sub-discipline of research interest will be given preference.
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