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Ask A Laureate May 12, 2017

Video recording of the lectures

To see the recording please click the following links:

Part 1: Robert Morris https://play.library.utoronto.ca/3LhFaKWXBoGW

Part 2: Andrew A. Beharry https://play.library.utoronto.ca/AZam7SZsFEPm

Part 3: Milica Radisic https://play.library.utoronto.ca/4heLwTTERTsk

Part 4: Frank Wania https://play.library.utoronto.ca/dgCmUNZ6v1w5

Part 5: Boyang Zhang https://play.library.utoronto.ca/1KSvuTYViQWk

Part 6: Awards and closing remark https://play.library.utoronto.ca/YwPUP1hhNH3F

On Friday, May 12, 2017, the Chemistry Department will host the 8th Annual "Ask a Laureate" event on the St. George campus of the University of Toronto.  All are invited to join us for these public lectures.

The Laureates are award winning chemists who are helping to transform our world with their discoveries and innovations. This is an unparalleled opportunity for high school students and the general public to interact with these pioneers of science.

They will explain their leading edge work in a way that you can understand, and each lecture is followed by a Q & A period where they will answer your questions. So join us, and learn about their fascinating personal journeys of discovery.

High school students are encouraged to participate in the Lunch with a Laureate Essay Contest.  Winners are granted the Chemistry Scholar Award and will join the Lunch with a Laureate luncheon. Essay submission deadline is April 13, 2017.

Location:University of Toronto, St. George Campus. Earth Sciences Auditorium, 5 Bancroft St., SW corner of Huron & Willcox St.

>> Essay Contest


Robert Morris
Robert Morris, PhD

Professor of Chemistry, University of Toronto

  • RSC Inorganic Mechanisms Award, 2017
  • Killam Research Fellowship, 2015
  • Fellow, Royal Society of Canada, 2005
  • Pure & Applied Chemistry Award, Chemical Society of Canada, 1998
  • Alcan Lecture Award, CSC, 1995
  • Fellow Chemical Institute of Canada, 1995
Research Homepage: http://www.chem.utoronto.ca/staff/rmorris/

Andrew A. Beharry, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical & Physical
Sciences., University of Toronto Mississauga

Selected Awards

  • NSERC Discovery Grant 2017
  • Human Frontiers Science Program PDF 2013
  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship, 2011
Research Homepage: http://utm.utoronto.ca/cps/http%3A//www.beharrylab.com
Andrew A. Beharry

Milica Radisic
Milica Radisic, PhD

Principal Investigator, Laboratory for Functional Tissue Engineering, Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering, Deptartment of Chemical Engineering & Applied Science., University of Toronto

Selected Awards

  • E.W.R. Steacie Memorial Fellowship, 2014
  • University of Toronto Inventor of the Year, 2013
  • Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, 2013
  • Engineers Canada, Young Engineer Award, 2012
  • Canada Research Chair, Functional Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering (Tier 2), 2011
Research Homepage: http://www.labs.chem-eng.utoronto.ca/radisic/

Frank Wania, PhD

Professor of Chemistry, University of Toronto Scarborough

Selected Awards

  • UTSC Research Excellence Faculty Award, 2016
  • CIC Environmental Division Research and Development Dima Award, 2015
  • Fellow, Royal Society of Chemistry, 2011
Research Homepage: http://www.utsc.utoronto.ca/labs/wania/
Frank Wania


9:30 Opening Remarks
9:40 Robert Morris
Developing Sustainable Metal Catalysts
10:05 Q & A
10:15 Andrew Beharry
Lighting Up Cancer
10:40 Q & A
10:50 Break
11:00 Magic Moments
11:10 Frank Wania
Contaminants in Our Bodies
11:35 Q & A
11:45 Milica Radisic
Engineering Human Heart Tissue for Drug Screening and Therapy
12:10 Q & A
12:20 Essay Competition Winners Recognized
12:35 Closing Remarks

This event is made possible with the generous support of the Department of Chemistry.