My name is Eugenia.
I was born in Odessa.
A beautiful city on the Black Sea.
When I was about 17, our Chemistry teacher asked me to prepare a Chemistry party.
And after that I was just inspired to do this all my life.
It was my father who always saying "big dreams, high goals then big happiness".
This is my mother and this is my husband from we met when I fell in love with him.
He realised, probably from the very beginning that Science is a very important part of my life.
I owe him a lot.
This is julie - this is our daughter.
Our son, he's taking a double major program in Chemistry and Pharmacology.
He follows my steps.
He has a virus for invention, which is really rewarding.
I did my first degree in Chemical Engineering and my second degree in the Physical Chemistry of Polymers.
I became extremely excited about Polymer Material Science
and in a couple of years I realised that Material Science is what I wanted to do.
These days, polymers are everywhere, actually the last century was described as the Polymer Age
and polymers find applications in tissue engineering, in pharmaceutical areas, in optics and electronics.
So now we're all trying to discover, hypotheses, design, rationalize new polymer materials
that find applications in very different areas from the delivery of anti-cancer drugs
to control growth of stem cells.
A young woman who is making a decision to move into Science has to realise that she will have a very difficult life.
Our life was not easy because three times we started everything from almost scratch.
In Israel, in the Weizmann Institute, where I think I became a real scientist,
I was working 7 days a week.
I know many families they did not survive because women wanted to build their careers.
This is a very delicate balance that has to be tuned, and sometiems it works and sometimes not.
you never close your door of your office and forget about your work. It is always with you.
In this way we are like artists, I will have my sabbatical soon
this is a time to think what will be ahead,
in say 5,6,7 years and then there will be another goal.
And this is the best thing about Science, it doesn't bore us,
because there are always new things, new goals.