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Videoconference FAQ

Videoconferencing Camera

Videoconference services are available for Colloquium events, presentations between campuses, lectures and exams. You should contact the main office 416-978-3564 to book a room for the videoconferencing.

You must use the laptop provided by the Chemistry department for videoconferencing, individual laptops or other devices is not supported.

Your presentation should be in Powerpoint format (ppt/pptx) or PDF, and have it stored in your USB stick in order to transfer to the authorized laptop before the videoconferencing takes place. If you have video clips or animations, please mention this when booking the room. It will be tested on the presentation computer in the room prior to your presentation.

The presenter should arrive to the booked room at least 10 minutes prior to the start time.

This regulations have been implemented to ensure the best possible student learning experience, to minimize the occurrence of problems, and to provide acceptable backup plans when problems do occur.