A Tour of the cytochrome c oxidase

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The structure of Na+-K+ pump was reported by Shinoda, T.; Ogawa, H.; Cornelius, F. and Toyoshima, C. in Nature 2009, 459, 446 (PDB IDs 2OCC for fully oxidized and 1OCR for fully reduced state).

Other useful sources:

Morth, J. P. et al. (2011). A Structural Overview of the Plasma Membrane Na+-K+-ATPase and H+-ATPase Ion Pumps. Nature Reviews, 12, 60-69. (A very useful current review.)

Morth, J. P. et al. (2007). Crystal Structure of the Sodium-Potassium Pump. Nature, 450, 1043-1050. (An earlier, lower resolution structure of pig renal Na-K pump; PDB ID 3B8E. The text is more informative and detailed than the one cited as a source for this tour.)

Palmgren, M. G., and Nissen, P. (2011). P-Type ATPases. Annu. Rev. Biophys., 40, 243-266. (An excellent current review addressing major P-type ATPases, including Na+-K+-ATPase.)

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