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CICTor Career Fair: A kick-start for new graduates

May 7, 2018

On April 26th, the Chemical Institute of Canada Toronto Section (CICTor) hosted the GTA annual Career Fair at the University of Toronto. The career fair is aimed to provide newly graduated students and early career professionals with the tools they need to start a successful career.

This year’s fair hosted 70 students holding or soon to be graduating with degrees at the master’s and doctoral levels in chemistry and chemical engineering, and 21 companies ranging from local start-ups, not-for-profits, and multinational companies that span a wide range of fields and disciplines. Julia Bayne, CICTor Industrial Liaison, provided us with a recap of this year's Career Fair.

The day began with a presentation by keynote speaker Dr. Laura Reyes (Chemical Institute of Canada) followed by a presentation by Dr. Melanie Mastronardi (Top Hat Monocle). Both women provided an overview of their career path (during and after their PhD) and offered insightful career advice.

The first panel discussion included Dr. Kazim Agha (Ridout & Maybee), Dr. Naveen Chopra (Xerox Research Centre of Canada), Dr. Glenn Ikeda and Dr. Alon Eisenstein (Pueblo Science), wherein students were able to ask questions pertaining to specific career paths and/or general pieces of career advice.

After a quick coffee break, Jonathan Turner from the University of Toronto Career Centre led a workshop entitled “Following Up in Your Career”. This interactive session was geared towards providing students with viable strategies for following-up with people after networking, after an interview and so on. After this workshop, Dr. Jan Oudenes (Kennarshore) gave a presentation on his unique career path through chemistry and entrepreneurship.

Prof. Andy Dicks (U of T), Prof. Jessica D’eon (U of T) and Oriana Muzzin (Ursula Franklin) then led an “Education Panel Discussion”, and answered questions pertaining to a career in education. Students were then able to mingle with company representatives during the lunch hour.

After lunch, the second panel discussion was scheduled, which included Kim Nosella (Xerox Research Centre of Canada), Dr. Andrew Corbett (Toronto Research Chemicals Inc.), Dr. Doug Baumann (Syngenta Crop Protection Inc.) and Dr. Andrew Pasternak (GreenCentre Canada). The format paralleled the morning panel discussion, wherein students were able to ask general and/or specific questions about career path, advice, and so on.

The last session of the day was a roundtable discussion, where groups of 8-10 students were given 30 minutes to talk with 2-3 company representatives. After each 30-minute period, students were moved to a different group of company representatives, which gave students the opportunity to learn more about possible career options.

In addition to the presentations and interactive sessions, Toronto Research Chemicals Inc., NorthernChem Inc. and Dalriada Therapeutics held “on-site” interviews.

On behalf of the CICTor, I would like to graciously thank our sponsors for this event: ChemClub, the University of Toronto’s Chemistry Department, GreenCentre Canada and Toronto Research Chemicals Inc.

Additionally, I would like to thank everyone who participated: all students, postdoctoral fellows, recent graduates and company representatives. This event would not have been possible otherwise!

We hope to see you all next year!

Julia Bayne
CICTor Industrial Liaison